Stephen J Barber - Handmade Stringed Musical Instruments and Repairs
17th century Baroque guitarRosewood Soprano Ukulele
Concert and Soprano Ukuleles
Tiny Tim's Martin Ukulele restored
TINY TIM'S 17 Fret Martin Ukulele
Restored by me June 2012.The marks on the top caused by his playing style were left on purpose.
Soprano UkuleleSoprano Ukulele
Queensland maple and Spruce large body 6 string acoustic guitar
6 String Acoustic Guitar
Detail of the sound hole of the above 6 string guitar
Detail of soundhole inlays
Archtop mandolin
Archtop mandolin
$140 Handmade Ukulele
Lute shaped Soprano Ukulele
6 string Dreadnought guitar
Restored violin circa 1790 by me 2012
Restored violin circa 1800
More ukuleles - no two the same
Handmade classical, steel strung acoustic, travel guitars, ukuleles and mandolins in a wide range of designs and tonewoods.
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